1. For the Wild Dream

sri lankan wild life

Ever dived with blue whales? Or watched spinner dolphins leaping across waters in Kalpitiya? You will never feel closer to mother nature anywhere else but on your Sri Lanka trip. It has 5,800 wild elephants just ambling about and they will greet you as a friend. The Yala national park alone holds the largest concentration of leopards in the world along with buffalo and sloth bears.


2. Galle’s Cricket

Galle’s Cricket

Sleepy Galle is a perfect destination for backpackers. Here, it is possible to witness an international cricket match or even catch a local knock about around an old fort. This place is embellished with old Dutch colonial architecture, ice cream parlours, jewellery shops and almost no nightlife.


3. The Crab Ministry

The Crab Ministry

Two former national cricket players must love crab way too much to open a whole Colombo’s Ministry of Crab in one of the capital’s most beautiful buildings. This place serves the most knockout sweet, spicy and succulent Sri Lankan crab. This restaurant was voted as one of Asia’s 50 best restaurants in 2016.


4. Enchanting Caves

Enchanting Caves

Buddha statues and cave paintings fill the Dambulla Buddha caves known for their magical atmosphere.


5. See elephants

See elephants

If you have a kind heart, then the best way for you to see elephants is by helping them by volunteering at any of Sri Lanka’s elephant sanctuary.


6. Impossibly Scenic Trains

Impossibly Scenic Trains

An eye-opening journey in Sri Lanka will be this recently reopened train route between Colombo and Jaffna because it provides tourists coming, with an opportunity that was thought lost since 1990, to Sri Lanka; and that is to be able to ride by train from Colombo to Jaffna with the journey between Kandy and Ella known to be unforgettable.


7. The Most Adaptable Snack in the World

We’re talking about hoppers! You can dine on them for just a song. Hoppers are made of thin, crepe-like batter that’s mixed with spices and coconut milk and crisped into the shape of a bowl to store fried eggs. This dish is versatile enough to be served for breakfast, a quick snack or even a hangover!


8. Early Morning Hike After Tea

Ceylon tea

The world famous Ceylon tea is found best in Sri Lanka. A walk up to the Ella Rock, past green and lush tea plantations is a four-hour trek, that is, if you long for some amazing views.


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