#1 Use social media to connect with travelers

Social media is the best solution if you want stay in your traveler’s memory and connect with them daily!

Write an email in your autoresponder inviting your travelers to join you on social media platforms, telling them why to follow you on Instagram, Pinterest, etc

If you make it worth their while, then with consistency you will be able to watch your business grow along with your bank account.

Everyone is trying to get new leads using social media, which is not bad, but many travel agents hold back when it comes to building long lasting and profitable relationships on social media with their existing customers.

#2 Use hashtags on Instagram

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The purpose of hashtags on Instagram is to help your agency post get indexed for a specific keyword, so that your post appears first in the search results when travelers search for it.

10 best Travel Hashtags:

#travel #nature #sunset #trip #wanderlust #travelgram #vacation #instatravel #travelgram #travelphotography

#3 Tag travelers in Instagram stories

You can be innovative here. Build a plan around it. Tagging the travelers that follow you on Instagram will make them feel special, like your travel agency does think about them.

It will increase your brand loyalty. They too will then repost your story as their own story which their followers will see and in turn also become aware of your Travel Agency.

#4 Message them on WhatsApp or meet them personally

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Connect with these travelers on WhatsApp or in person to build the strongest online connections or relationships.

Make WhatsApp groups or organize “meetups” to connect with relevant travelers.

This form of communication will have a profound impact on your business.

#5 Follow travelers on social media.

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Instead of expecting travelers to like your Travel Agency on social media, start liking them yourself!

Social media platforms are more about developing and nurturing more direct relationships between their users and the brands they might be interested in.

If you can implement this, then social media will turn to be a massive opportunity for you to rise above traditional advertising.

#6 Listen to travelers. What do they want?

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Listening to travellers is most important. If you don’t follow this simple rule then there is little sense to your agency’s social media marketing.

You can use search terms like “need a vacation” or “we’re travelling” and then learn from listening to build better packages or marketing campaigns.

Listening to travelers will give you knowledge about what they want. This will grow your business to achieve optimum customer satisfaction because customers like to be heard.

#7 Share Content That Travellers Like

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You must share content that makes travelers feel strongly like, “I want to go there!” or “I would never go there!”

Passion should ebb from your entire social media campaign. Everything you hurl towards them should strike a chord (usually a positive one).

#8 Exchange contact information

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Social media is a grand party and your host is the prime chief guest. But another important fact is that every party ends. So, before this party ends, exchange some contact information; be it email addresses or phone numbers.

Fishing for regular opportunities for exchanging contact info on a social media network also makes up for a good business. You must be strategic because the test of a good party amounts to the number of connections that are made by it.