1 – Kuta Beach

Kuta Beach is one the best beaches in the world. It may not be Bali’s best kept secret now but you just cannot miss it if you go to Bali. It has the calmest white sands that shimmer red with spectacular sunsets. Everything about this beach is worth joining the crowd for, picking a sand patch and sipping on a Bintang as you watch the sun go down this world famous beach.

2 – Balangan Beach

Balangan is a more secluded beach of Bali and that makes it a perfect getaway spot for visitors who are looking to escape the crowds hoping to relax in a much more private space patch of the Bali beachfront. This beach is adored by wedding photographers, surfers and travellers that aim to relish a noon paddle tread silently to touch its soft white sands.

3 – Nusa Dua

Nusa Dua’s  coastline of is famous for its gentle waves and soft sands. Apart from a beach, it is more of a cluster of luxury Bali resorts that are in front the Sea. It is the best place to simply relax while lying back. Also, this pleasing stretch of shoreline is always welcoming to tourists from all over the world, craving to just kick off their shoes and mentally unwind in a beachfront setting.

4 – Padang Padang

Padang Padang is famous for its distinctive entrance as its calm and turquoise waters that lap at its shore, over which looms a rocky outcrop that makes into an extraordinary cave entrance for the beach. Padang Padang has silky white sands and waves of the size of a surf but also for a memorable Bali beachside experience.

5 – Jimbaran Beach

Jimbaran is located on the Bali peninsula’s southern tip. More than a beach, it is a small fishing village that is also home to some of the Bali island’s upscale resorts, which provide the perfect height to capture picturesque beach and overlooks Jimbaran Bay. Jimbaran is livelier than Bali’s some more secluded beaches and is also the best destination for a seafood dinner with the sunsets over the bay.

6 – Seminyak Beach

Seminyak is now Bali’s trendiest enclaves and shows Bali’s transformation from an isolated island outpost to a proper and chic metropolitan destination that is always teeming with bars, restaurants and boutique outlets.Interesting thing is that Seminyak is a popular grey-sand beach. At dusk, it is best viewed when the sun slowly sinks under the horizon.

7 – Sanur Beach

It is because Sanur has a quiet coastal district that is less hectic than its Bali neighbours that many of the resorts moved here early. Sanur is a popular beach that is lined with volcanic sand. The long and winding path on the beach’s side makes a good place for cycling. Many outdoor activities are characteristic of Sanur. Here, Balinese locals fly embellished kites in the coastal breezes.

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