Singapore Night Safari is the first night zoo in the world, which gives visitors an opportunity to explore the mysterious nightlife of the wild in Singapore, therefore, this place is a perennial tourist destination where any visitor comes at least once while traveling this island nation.

Singapore Night Safari

The entrance ticket of Night Safari is expensive, about 26 USD/adult. So, it is important to carefully prepare before starting this journey in the Night Safari so that your trip here can be worth its cost.

  1. How will you get to the Night Safari

You can choose to travel by the MRT.

  • Take the MRT to Choa Chu Kang Station (NS4) and then continue via the SMRT 927 bus
  • Take the MRT to the north. Get off at Ang Mo Kio and then take bus No. 138

Keep in mind that the metro system closes at midnight.

If you want to reach the zoo sooner, then take a taxi, and pay a little extra.

  1. How to relish dinner at Night Safari

If you reach the Night Safari early, visit many surrounding culinary stalls like Bongo Burger Scoop Ben and Jerry (Ice Cream Shop) or the Ulu Ulu Restaurant because Singapore Night Safari starts at 7:30 pm, but the food and beverages stalls are ready to serve from 6 pm only. So, enjoy your dinner while waiting.

  1. Singapore Night safari itinerary: How to make it interesting?

When the Night Safari opens to visitors at 7.30 pm, it will see many queues of people just waiting to get on the first tram car. If you don’t want to squeeze into the crowd, you may choose an option much more pleasant and interesting: walking.

Walking on the trails here will prove a wonderful for exploring the Night Safari because there are many animals that you won’t be able to see on the tram. Walking in the Night Safari, you will get a strange but excited feeling of wandering around at night in the middle of a jungle.

You will see bats hanging upside down in cages along the trail, or feel your heart skip a beat when suddenly you see light flashing from the eyes of an animal in the dark. Also, don’t forget to purchase a map so you don’t get lost or skip any attractive destination in this zoo.

If walking exhausts you, take a tram in the way and continue your journey in the Night Safari. Within just 40 minutes on the tram, you can explore the nightlife of animals like deer, African antelopes, sheep, and goats. You may touch and even cuddle with the cute animals here.

You can visit the area of the undomesticated animals as well like lions, tigers, and leopards. You will be at a distance so close to them that it will make you feel like you can touch them. In this particular area of your entire trip, excitement and fear seem interwoven with each other.


  1. How will you choose the best seats
    If you are in the tram, try picking the middle seat because when the car stops for sightseeing, the middle part will be in the center of the site and will offer you the best view. Also, sit close to the outside so you can look at the animals clearly.

For the show, reach 20 minutes early to choose a favorable spot, perhaps in the third or the fourth row to watch the show perfectly.

  1. Some more tips for an even better journey
  • Wear simple and comfortable outfits and shoes because you will have to walk a lot.
  • Carry food and water to supplement energy because you will be sightseeing for more than 3 hours.
  • Spray insect repellent on yourself because you will be in a natural tropical forest.
  • Bring a tissue to adapt to the high humidity in the Night Safari.
  • Travel with a tour guide who can tell you more about the characteristics and living habits or interesting stories about these animals.
  • Make sure to take photos sans flash to protect the animal’s eyes.

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